Quality Calves

Quality Beef Dairy Cross Bull Calves

We have a wide selection of calves available from March - May. Our  dairy cattle  are primarily Holstein/Jersey crosses. These cows have been bred though AI  to either a dual purpose European breed such as Normande, Montbeliard, or Swedish Red. The remaining cows are bred to a black angus bull. Some cows were bred to a Jersey bull.

As a result this year's calves come in a variety of colors and breeds. We expect to have roughly 50 bull calves available from March - May. These calves recieve ample colostrom at birth, and due to their hybrid vigor they tend to be much more resilliant than your typical dairy calf. We sell all of thse calves as soon as possible, and are often willing to negotiate on the price if you come and pick them up right now. Click on the calves available link to see what is for sale now.

Limited Angus/Dairy Cross Heifers Available

We will be selling some Angus/Dairy cross heifers. These calves will make excellent nurse cows, capable of raising several calves. Click on the calves available link to see what is for sale now.

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We are located North of Martin, ND.